Not a bird in sight, but …

Fence Track on the northern outskirts of town is a favourite spot for a visit during spring – the ridges to the north of the track are terrific for orchids and lilies. It’s a little early for flowers, but judging by the profusion of leaves it should be excellent in another month or so. Yesterday afternoon was dull, with the scent of rain in the air, with only time for a brief visit. There was still plenty to pique my interest.


Golden Wattle, Fence Track Muckleford State Forest, 6th August 2014.


Yam Daisy leaves … and a flower bud.


Scented Sundew just starting to flower.

The ridgelines in this area are mainly Heathy Dry Forest – really it’s woodland, with an understorey of Daphne Heath, Gorse Bitter-pea and Gold-dust Wattle. This is a favourite haunt for Painted Button-quail.


Heathy Dry Forest along the ridgelines.

While there were no birds to be seen, their tell-tale ‘soup plate’ scratchings were clear evidence that they weren’t far away. Painted Button-quail feed mainly after dawn and at dusk – I’ll have to pay another visit to this spot again soon.


Painted Button-quail scratchings – you don’t always have to see the bird!

One response to “Not a bird in sight, but …

  1. Thanks for the photo of the scratchings. In recent months I have noted many of these scratchings in some secluded areas in the Whipstick Forest. Now that I know which bird made them, I will look for them in my wanderings.

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