And now a little more on an absolute favourite, the Hooded Robin.

This woodland resident is a charming bird, made more so by its comparative rarity and shy nature. The male is striking, in fact I’d almost say spectacular, with the bold contrast between black and white and the distinctive ‘hangman’s hood’.


Male Hooded Robin, Muckleford Gorge, 4th August 2014.

Their numbers are slowly recovering, since the Millennium drought – I’ve now got about a dozen local spots where they can be seen reliably. They are a sedentary species, with strong fidelity to their territories, especially as breeding season approaches.


Hooded Robins are notoriously shy birds in my experience.

They like to perch on exposed perches, such as low branches and tree stumps, from where they will pounce on nearby insects.


A typical perch for a Hooded Robin

I’m looking forward to following the adventures of this pair over coming months.


Hooded Robin pair with female at left.

2 responses to “Favouritism

  1. Hi Geoff, its Annie Gray here. I have not commented for so long, but still avidly read your blog and enjoy (enormously) the photos. We have a group of 3 hooded robins just near us on Locarno Road. And I agree they are so striking. Hope you are very well. We have another bottle of olive oil for you – will drop off.

  2. Brilliant bird. I have never seen one before. Good that their numbers are on the increase. Be in touch regarding exhibition, Ken

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