Visiting the secret pool

The following sequence shows a succession of honeyeaters, four different species, visiting a wonderful watering hole at the Rise and Shine.


White-naped Honeyeater, Rise and Shine, 28th July 2014.


One of two Yellow-faced Honeyeaters that dropped by during my short visit.


Small flock of Fuscous Honeyeaters visiting the pool.


A yellow-tufted Honeyeater – striking in the late afternoon sunshine.

Unusually, the waterhole is situated about 8 metres from the ground, in the fork of a beautiful Yellow Box Eucalyptus melliodora. I’ve known about the site since we discovered it on one of last years bird photography workshops. It’s a magnet for honeyeaters and rosellas especially, after rain.


Yellow Box at Rise and Shine – the secret pool is in the fork of the largest tree – about 8 metres above the ground.

3 responses to “Visiting the secret pool

  1. Dear Geoff

    because of your cuckoo shrike post (I love them too) I went ot rise and shine this arvo. not a sound or sight of a bird. Why? minutes later a big wind went through. the trees were reeaaalllly bending

    Another visit…

    thanks for all you teach us and for your glorious photography


    Carol McDonough

    Castlemaine 61354722952 61427204524

  2. Hi Geoff, I thought they were white plumed honeyeaters but you say fuscous are they very similar?
    Thanks jo

  3. Hi Jo – yes, they are quite similar, especially in general size, shape and colours. Fuscous have a black and yellow cheek plume, whereas white plumed have a white cheek plume … a subtle difference. Have a look at my pics of 7th June.

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