The kite story continued …

Following on from yesterdays story regarding Black-shouldered Kites at Glengower, here is what happened next.

Both immature kites perched at the top of a dead pine, calling loudly to the adults, one of which still had the unfortunate mouse.


Immature Black-shouldered Kites, Glengower, 27th July 2014.

One of the immatures flew up behind the circling adult, which passed the prey over … I was too slow to capture the actual transfer!

Just prior to the pass over.

Just prior to the pass over.


Adult Black-shouldered Kite, Glengower, 27th July 2014.

The youngster then appeared to try and swallow the mouse, eventually returning to the perch, rejoining its sibling.








The immature kites back at the perch.

What a privilege to witness another of nature’s little cameos!

3 responses to “The kite story continued …

  1. Geoff, what a thrill it must have been to have seen all this. I would love to have seen it first hand, but am really enjoying looking through your images all over again. So glad you decided to take the camera with you.
    By the way, did you get any trees planted?

  2. Wonderful stuff Geoff, great photos of beautiful birds.

  3. How well you appear to know the Kites. Almost like diary entries. What important work you are carrying out. We have recently printed a portrait of a wedge tailed eagle from one of Dad’s slides. I think you would like it Ken.

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