Grevilleas are great

We planted a bunch of different Grevilleas last winter in the hope of attracting more honeyeaters to the front garden. They are working a treat, especially for Eastern Spinebills, which suffer constant chasing from larger nectar feeders such as Red Wattlebirds and New Holland Honeyeaters. The spinebills dash in for a quick feed, hiding amongst the foliage and escaping attention as they sip happily on nectar … at least for a short while. Eventually they are discovered and zip off to find another quiet spot to fuel up.


Eastern Spinebill and Grevillea, Newstead, 22nd July 2014.


The Grevilleas provide good camouflage for the tiny spinebills.


This New Holland Honeyeater moved in and chased off the spinebill.


New Holland Honeyeater on ‘Tucker Time Fruit Box’ a Grevillea lanigera x rosmarinifolia hybrid.

One response to “Grevilleas are great

  1. What are the Grevilleas in the top two photos please?

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