Traffic jam

How do they do it?

Many birds have the ability to fly in tight flocks, mere centimetres apart, in perfect unison.

Large flocks of Red-rumped Parrots are about at the moment, gathering to feed on fallen seeds, stocking up to get through the depths of winter. These were seen feeding on a lucerne paddock near Picnic Point. If synchronised flying was an Olympic sport these guys would certainly make the finals!


Red-rumped Parrots near Picnic Point, 12th July 2014.


Thirty two in this shot!

Other birds of course prefer to go solo.


Black-shouldered Kite, Lock’s Lane Moolort Plains, 12th July 2014.


Flame Robin + wire


Richard’s Pipit, Clarke’s Lane Moolort Plains, 12th July 2014.

One response to “Traffic jam

  1. Christine Henderson

    How birds fly together, turn together, form a coherent entity of many parts is one of the great mysteries of science. We witness it, we marvel at it but we have no explanation. I could mumble something about the zero point field but I’d be well beyond my comfort zone.

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