Insect artistry

by Patrick Kavanagh

I have been enjoying photographing the amazing and beautiful patterns made by insects eating Eucalyptus leaves. These are all from one Long-leafed Box. I was surprised to see a small, very cold and slow Cup Moth on one of these leaves, apparently one of the artists.










Cup Moth larva on Long-leaf Box, Strangways, July 2014.

3 responses to “Insect artistry

  1. Your close-ups certainly bring out the beautiful patterns of the veins and oil glands, and the insects have certainly enhanced the beauty with extra colour and shapes. I think I could learn from that!
    Also, I was pleased to see the Cup moth caterpillar. I have not seen this particular one for many years, but when we were young, this one was the ‘Stinging Joey’ that made their presence felt as we brushed through the regrowth in our bush paddock. It is much more colourful that the one I’ve been seeing of recent years.

  2. Saide of Sandon

    Ummm fascinating! These patterns remind me of a river delta viewed from on high through, for example, google-earth. The first and third photos are also reminiscent of indigenous dot paintings.

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