Winter gold

Driving through the Campbelltown bush on Monday I noticed the first Golden Wattle flowers for the winter. I was unable to stop at the time, but I was able to wander out to Spring Hill Track late yesterday to see what was happening closer to Newstead.

Sure enough a handful of plants were just coming into flower.


Golden Wattle flowers, Spring Hill Track, 1st July 2014.

Locally, over the past few years Golden Wattle has started flowering in the first week of July, so it looks like 2014 is consistent with recent patterns, despite the fact that May and June have set new temperature records across much of the Australian continent.


Flowering this year


Perhaps only 1% of plants were in flower yesterday.

The wattles were not the only golden sight yesterday afternoon.


Eastern Yellow Robin near Spring Hill Track.

One response to “Winter gold

  1. First saw golden wattles out in the Muckleford Forest on 19th June this year. The earliest I remember in my 12 winters here.

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