Master of the air

A dull, cold and blustery day was brightened up by the sight of a Black Kite wheeling low over the front yard.

Since arriving in the district in recent years this species now appears well ensconced in town, joining Whistling Kites and Little Eagles as our resident large raptors. Black Kites are magnificent aerialists. This one put on quite a show, before dropping to the nature strip beside the highway to snatch what looked like a small bird.


Black Kite, Newstead, 28th June 2014.


The deeply forked tail distinguishes this species from other local large raptors.


Using its tail as a rudder …


… with great skill!


The yellow cere is another handy ID feature in close-up views.

3 responses to “Master of the air

  1. Phenomenal Geoff! Thankyou.

  2. Kerrie Jennings

    We had a similar incident last Sunday afternoon when gardening in the backyard – four black kites hovering between us and the river – made our day. Great to see the close-up pics, thanks Geoff.

  3. Your recent identification indicators are most helpful thankyou.

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