Unwelcome intruder

With trips to the bush few and far between in recent weeks the best I can do is a visit to the front verandah!

There is still lots to see from this vantage point though. Masses of honeyeaters, silvereyes, thornbills, and even a Golden Whistler were spotted in a brief interlude this afternoon.

The avian idyll was rudely interrupted by the appearance of an adult Collared Sparrowhawk, most likely a female from its apparent bulk, floating by overhead. One of the local magpies took on the task of escorting it from the neighbourhood.


Adult Collared Sparrowhawk, Newstead, 26th June 2014.


Australian Magpie and Collared Sparrowhawk in aerial face-off.


The elongated middle toe of the Collared Sparrowhawk is vaguely visible in this shot.

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