Brightening up a bitter winter

Yes … it’s certainly turned cold.

One of the reasons we have an influx of birds, such as honeyeaters, from higher altitudes at this time of year is that they are searching for high value energy sources in an effort to keep warm. Eastern Spinebills are small, but their energy demands are large – providing nectar giving plants in the garden is a great way to ensure you’ll receive a visit from spinebills as part of an array of winter holiday-makers!


Male Eastern Spinebill feeding on Grevillea flowers, Newstead, 15th June 2014.

In the bush there are lots of signs of Spring with masses of orchid and lily leaves emerging. This Gorse Bitter-pea Daviesia ulicifolia is one of the few plants flowering at the moment.


Gorse Bitter-pea, Demo Track in the Muckleford State Forest, 15th June 2014.


Brightening up a winters day.

One response to “Brightening up a bitter winter

  1. I was surprised to notice a couple of early flowering golden wattles yesterday. Maybe they were “thrown off course” by the very warm early May?

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