Multiple choice

Nothing special in this lot … just a bunch of regulars … and one intruder.

The answer is …









Postscript … There were a number of novel, amusing and oblique answers which made me think that I should have posed the question more clearly. C – the duck, was the answer I was seeking. It looks domestic or possibly a wild hybrid with some Indian Runner … bit of a mystery really!

Many thanks to those who responded, and apologies for my slow response.

8 responses to “Multiple choice

  1. Great set of photos, Thanks for sharing.
    Best wishes, Aquileana 😀

  2. Sarah Ogilvie

    All of the above?

  3. Or the duck?. It looks suspiciously like a hybrid.

  4. The whale that the darter is perched on?

  5. I love your photo of the Darter – we haven’t seen ours for some time now. Probably because the dam is much lower than usual. Great shot of a beautiful bird. Lisa

  6. Susan Greenbank

    I agree about the duck.

  7. Captain Moonlight

    C looks like a mallard duck, or maybe a hybrid thereof.

  8. Captain Moonlight

    Best guess- a Mallard/Indian Runner hybrid domesticate duck gone bush.

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