Hidden treasures

There is always something new to discover in the bush – even at my regular haunts.

The area around Demo Track, to the east of Newstead, is a favourite spot for wildflowers in the spring. Earlier this week I came across this small rock pool, possibly a hand-carved well, hidden just off the main track. I’ve found similar pools in a number of places around Newstead – some have obviously been wrought by hand, while I’m less certain about others such as this one. Nevertheless I’m sure they’ve come in handy for travellers over many generations.


Rock well near Demo Track, 11th June 2014.

Green Rock fern Cheilanthes austrotenuifolia is conspicuous at the moment – the cool, moist conditions have encouraged this dry-country fern to spring to life.


Rock Ferns grow well in moist shady places throughout the box-ironbark country.

Mosses remain a mystery to me – I’ll need to consult our fabulous new local reference on these plants, Mosses of the dry forests in south eastern Australia, to figure it out!


Which moss?

3 responses to “Hidden treasures

  1. fascinating! and lovely photos as always, Geoff

  2. G’day Geoff, are you able to give me directions to the well? I’m rather interested in these things and their landscape context. Gerry

  3. G’day Geoff, going back a long way but looks like Brutelia affinis

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