Birds of a feather …

It’s been a while since I paid a visit to Cairn Curran at Joyce’s Creek. The storage has dropped significantly – it’s now down to 58%, and there are expanses of exposed mudflat just south of the highway bridge.

Perfect feeding habitat for the resident Black-fronted Dotterels – now gathered in small groups outside the breeding season.


Black-fronted Dotterels, Joyce’s Creek, 11th June 2014.


This represents about half the flock – about twenty in total.


Very hard to catch in flight – here’s an underwing view.

2 responses to “Birds of a feather …

  1. Wonderful to see so many Black-fronted Dotterels together.

  2. Dear bird watcher t do so enjoy your bird photos and admire your patience .you have a wonderful camera . Thankyou as they give me great pleasure every day . Regards

    Gwen Sampson


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