Full house

As a follow-up to my previous post, this completes the full set of ‘garden’ thornbills likely to be seen in downtown Newstead.

The Striated Thornbill is a tiny bird, of similar size to the Yellow Thornbill, but smaller than both Brown and Yellow-rumped Thornbills. It has a pale iris, fine streaking on a chestnut crown, underparts and ear coverts. It can be confused with the Brown Thornbill – eye colour and crown streaking are the clinchers.


Striated Thornbill, Newstead, 3rd June 2014.


Note the fine white streaks on the crown.


Striated Thornbills are largely foliage feeders.

We have one further local species, the Buff-rumped Thornbill. It’s pretty much restricted to our surrounding forests and woodlands, where it favours areas with a tussock grass understorey. I’ve never spotted it in town.

3 responses to “Full house

  1. carolbarker2014

    Yes, I have seen the buff-rumped thornbill at my place in the Muckleford forest quite close to the house, foraging in the low shrubs and tussock grass. We also see all the other thornbills feeding in and around the home garden.

  2. Thanks for an informative sequence on TB’s. It helped me ID the Striated quickly yesterday in the Pilchers Bridge NCR.

  3. Thanks Greg – glad to hear this was useful … and that you got a positive ID.
    All the best, Geoff

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