‘antastic’ resources

Earlier this month, Newstead Landcare hosted a terrific talk on ants, by ecologist Karl Just. In response, local Landcare member Kate Sandiford, herself no slouch in the ant ecology stakes, has provided some great resources for those interested in learning more about this amazing group of organisms. To whet your appetite, here are some images I collected last evening of a mystery ant enjoying a feast of pollen from a Scented Sundew.


Scented Sundews, Mia Mia Track, 27th August 2013.


Ant collecting pollen from the sundew flower.


I’d be grateful and impressed if you could identify the species!

1. Good photos of live Australian ants:

Use the search function for Yandoit shots ~ 30 species. Worth looking at all the others too.)

(Quite a few of the ants in the far south-west are also found here)

2. Ant identification tools:

(This is where the CSIRO ‘Ants Down Under’ website disappeared to. General info is all there but the main keys no longer have explanatory illustrations and the ‘compare’ function is gone. Quite a few species keys now.)

(AntWeb has a very useful ‘compare’ function. Use the regional project filter for Queensland if you don’t want to get entirely lost in/overwhelmed by the world’s ants.)

3. School of Ants/citizen science:

How it works. I also see that Kirsti Abbott of Monash University has just run a trial project in Melbourne – primary schoolers managed pooters fine but the local ants weren’t interested in cookies.

a thoughtful post on Alex Wild’s blog by Rob Dunn from the School of Ants about humans, their relationship with ants and the School of Ants project in Italy.

4. Finally…

The Smaller Majority by Piotr Naskrecki http://thesmallermajority.com

(a nice nature photography blog by another entomologist/conservation biologist/photographer)

Many thanks Kate for this great set of links!

2 responses to “‘antastic’ resources

  1. Great photography as usual Geoff, did you see my platypus on You Tube “Platypus at Smeaton”

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