A little something to brighten up the day

Surely one of the signature sights of winter is a male Flame Robin, glowing like a traffic light from its perch.

Flame Robin2

Male Flame Robin, Newstead Racecourse, 2nd June 2013.

Flame Robin1

Same individual – different pose.

The last couple of seasons have been good for this species, with numbers returning to apparently healthy levels after the drought. Adult males are outnumbered at least five to one by females and immatures, but it’s not hard to find brightly coloured males in open country at the moment.

Flame Robin3

Flame Robin – typical ‘ brown bird’ is either a female or immature.

3 responses to “A little something to brighten up the day

  1. Rod Roscholler

    Brilliant photo of Robin Geoff. We are getting them at our home at Kangaroo Ground on the Yarra. I am trying to get a good clear photo, todate not too good. So I really do appreciate your work

    • Many thanks Rod – you are in a good spot for birds. Worth watching out for Rose and Pink Robins also over winter.
      All the best, geoff

  2. Lynette Amaterstein

    Great photo. Haven’t seen one yet in Castlemaine. Yes does brighten the day so vibrant.

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