I wish …

Sincere thanks to fellow birder and photographer, Damian Kelly, for the following marvellous sequence of shots. Encounters with Peregrine Falcons are almost always fleeting, but memorable. I can only wish to have taken these images – they really are terrific!

Here is Damian’s note …

“Out on Rodborough road recently I had a close encounter with one very fast bird – a Peregrine Falcon. This bird seemed to be quite curious, flying rapidly right past me and then circling around and coming back for another look. You can see that the bird was looking right at me as it went over. This let me get in several shots. Quite a remarkable experience.”


Peregrine Falcon, Moolort Plains, May 2013. Photograph by Damian Kelly.


Falcon inspects photographer! Photograph by Damian Kelly.


Slaty grey upper parts, distinctive hood and yellow cere are diagnostic. Photograph by Damian Kelly.


Pièce de résistance!
Photograph by Damian Kelly.

4 responses to “I wish …

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience-never-to-be-forgotten Damian. Beautiful pics.

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  3. Lynette Amaterstein

    Beautiful bird. Great photo too.

  4. Stunning shots and a great experience Damian.

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