On Pigeon Hill

Pigeon Hill is an iconic landmark between Maldon and Baringhup. A rocky, boulder strewn outcrop situated at the junction between box-ironbark and plains country, it is home to some very interesting plants and animals. I am grateful to the owners Denis and Jeff for inviting to join them in a walk on the property last weekend.

The view from Pigeon Hill looking south-west, 26th June 2011

Pigeon Hill is botanically rich with the dominant tree being Yellow Box Eucalyptus melliodora, scattered at low density over much of the property. The fragile granite soils have suffered a great deal of past disturbance and this has contributed to some major weed challenges, particularly Wheel Cactus, which is being tackled in a comprehensive and systematic way. These efforts are also contributing to a wonderful program of control across the local area. I was struck by the presence of a number of understorey species, which tend to make their home in the soils of this granite country – Rock Correa, Small-leaved Clematis, Rock Isotome and Flat-leaf Bush-pea Pultenaea platyphylla. This latter species is only found in a small number of locations in the district and the property represents an important site for the conservation of this attractive native legume.

Flat-leaf Bush-pea in bud, Pigeon Hill, 26th June 2011

Flat-leaf Bush-pea looking great against the granite backdrop

It was wonderful to see the obvious recovery that is occurring on Pigeon Hill under the thoughtful and active stewardship of the owners.

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