Bug watching

The home garden is a great place for watching insects – you can find an amazing variety of different groups in a few minutes careful searching. First up today was this Crusader Bug Mictis profana (Family: Coreidae) discovered on a planted Black Wattle. Crusader Bugs as the name suggests are predators, mainly on other insects although they have been known to tackle larger creatures including microbats. Apparently there are more than 7000 species world-wide so I won’t even try and figure out more details on this handsome example.

Crusader Bug, Newstead, 1st January 2011

We also have Wirilda Wattle planted in the garden and these have attracted dozens of Leafhoppers, sap-sucking bugs that commonly form associations with ants that feed on the sticky exudates from the ‘hoppers’. In the photograph below there you can see both adult (green) and nymphal (brown) stages.

Leafhoppers and ants on Wirilda, Newstead, 1st January 2010

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