Boobook family

I went for a walk at the Rise and Shine this afternoon just after a brief storm had passed through. There was a lot of bird activity, as is often the case after rain. My attention was drawn to the canopy where a cacophany of harsh honeyeater calls indicated that ‘something was up’. The focus of their attention was a Boobook Owl Ninox novaeseelandiae. Owls and raptors often elicit this type of response from small birds.

Adult Boobook Owl, Rise and Shine, 5th December 2010

I watched the Boobook for some time and then heard further alarm calls nearby. Sure enough I discovered the rest of the family, two downy young and the other parent, perched close together and motionless in the top of a Long-leafed Box. You can just make out the second juvenile at the top right of the photograph below.

Juvenile Boobook Owls, Rise and Shine, 5th December 2010

Boobook Owls nest at the bottom of tree hollows and usually lay 2-3 eggs. The young fledge after about a month. These young birds were still quite downy and signficantly smaller than the adults indicating that they may still be spending some time in their nesting hollow.

2 responses to “Boobook family

  1. Hi
    we have Treetops holiday house at Wye River and get Boobooks often but I’ve never been able to photograph one. Could I use your photo with attribution on my Treetops blog?thanks.

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