Red-anther Wallaby-grass

Over the past few days I have been struck by the mass flowering of Red-anther (Silvertop) Wallaby-grass Joycea pallida. This magnficent tall grass throws up flowering stems at more than a metre from a tussocky base. It can be found throughout the local bush, but tends to be more common in areas where Red Stringybark is the dominant tree. The orange-red anthers that hang prominently from the flowers enable it to be easily identified.

Red-anther Wallaby-grass, Demo Track Muckleford State Forest, 14th November 2010

2 responses to “Red-anther Wallaby-grass

  1. Love your website!
    Visited Newstead over the weekend, (all the way from Maryborough!) for a coffee, and a look at the floods.
    I am keen to get a handle on the figures. The Ranger(?) at Tullaroop said this was the highest flood flow on record at Cairn Curran… 60,000 Ml/day peak. (It was certainly too much for the big carp swimming down the white line of the road west of Baringhup!)
    Can you confirm this?

  2. Hi Terry, I haven’t been able to confirm that figure but it is probably in the ball-park. Back in September the peak daily flow was about 33,000 ML and the recent flood was well beyond that. Cairn Curran has a capacity of ~ 147,000 ML so the weekend flood would have gone quite a way to filling the storage from empty!

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