Flowering sheoaks

In our district the remaining stands of Drooping Sheoaks Allocasuarina verticillata are few and far between. I was surprised and pleased then to come across a new stand late today on the western edge of the Sandon State Forest [location]. I discovered a handful of plants on the edge of a track leading out of the forest. Two of the mature trees were females with ripening cones. Drooping Sheoaks have seperate male and female trees. The female is distingushed by orange-red flowers that appear as small globular heads on short stalks, close to the branches. These mature into the familiar barrel-shaped cones with sharp pointed valves. The male produces masses of tan-coloured flowers that hang like strings of beads during winter and spring.

Drooping Sheoak - female flowers, Sandon State Forest, 11th July 2010

Drooping Sheoak - male flowers, Sandon State Forest, 11th July 2010

4 responses to “Flowering sheoaks

  1. Martin Angliss

    Great website & great photos!

    I can’t always get out in the great outdoors as often as I would like due to family and work commitments. Your posts and photos are inspiring.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Sincere thanks for the encouragement and kind words Martin. All the best, geoff

  3. Gidday Geoff and is it possible that those Red Gums atop o the gorge are sitting in a drainage or wet area? when compared with the moisture content of the surrounding soil areas?

    • Hi Marty, I’m not really sure. River Red-gums are a remarkable species and I have seen them growing in pretty unusual places. I suspect that it is partly chance that some seeds from the nearby gorge population have found there way to the top of the hill, established themselves in a wet period and persisted. Once they get going they are not really dependent on high mositure levels for survival.
      Cheers, geoff

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