Better views of Brolgas and a ‘Blue-wing’

I managed to get closer views of the Cotswold Brolga pair [see post] late today. They are staying faithful to the same paddock with recent rainfall creating ideal feeding conditions – lots of puddles no doubt bringing food such as frogs and insects to the surface.

The Cotswold Brolgas, 28th June 2010

A little prancing!

Brolgas on the move, Cotswold, 28th June 2010

I also got a nice look at an adult Blue-winged Parrot in the same location where I recently saw a large flock at Glengower [see post]. I don’t know where its mates were – this bird was all on its lonesome.

Blue-winged Parrot, Glengower, 28th June 2010

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