Unfortunate ‘Barny’

It is usually a thrill to see a Barn Owl Tyto alba. Being nocturnal and not that common the chances of seeing one are pretty slim. That is unless you drive on country roads, where it is not unusual to come across a casualty, like the one pictured below, found this afternoon near Joyces Creek [location]. They are an exquisitely beautiful species, the delicately mottled light-grey and buff upperparts contrasting with very finely marked creamy-white underparts … not obvious on this poor individual.

Barn Owl, Joyces Creek, 27th June 2010

Barn Owls are generally found in open areas of grassland and farmland where they feed on insects and rodents. The Moolort Plains is a stronghold for this species in the local area and I’m sure they do a great job of predator control for farmers. Many people would have heard the call of the Barn Owl without perhaps recognising that it belonged to this bird. It is a long drawn out screech sometimes described as “skee-air”, uttered all on one note.

2 responses to “Unfortunate ‘Barny’

  1. Hi Geoff
    I have some photos of a barny that came to grief on the Maryborough Rd that I will look out for you in the next couple of days

  2. Gidday Bill, that would be terrific – sorry to hear that you came across another casualty!
    Cheers, geoff

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