Marvel of good rain

The deluge in early March soothed our thirsty forest and delivered some early responses from a few of our smallest orchids. The book Orchids of Bendigo (Orr, 1995) tells us … “while the Autumn Greenhood is quite widespread, it is by no means common.”

Autumn Greenhood

The Newstead walking group visited Spring Hill Track area in the hope of spotting some Autumn Greenhoods Pterostylis revoluta. Imagine our delight when we not only found these but also Parson’s Bands Eriochilus cucullatus, Autumn Midge Orchid Genoplesium rufum and Tiny Greenhood Pterostylis parviflora. 

Autumn Midge Orchid

Tiny Greenhood

The book also explains that small orchids most likely require gnats or mosquitoes as pollination agents. Be assured that there were more than enough mosquitoes to ensure every orchid was pollinated with most mosquitoes already having a taste of the photographer before moving on to floral desserts.

One response to “Marvel of good rain

  1. Fantastic post Darryl – what an autumn we are having!!

    Cheers, geoff

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